Shipping/Drop Testing

We provide shipping testing and drop testing services independent of the companies that are designing and selling the packaging to you. Our services result in lower packaging costs and improved product performance.

Transportation Simulation Testing:

  • Repetitive Shock
  • Bump and Drop Tests
  • Compression
  • Altitude
  • High Altitude – Negative Pressure
  • Low Altitude – Positive Pressure
  • Rapid Decompression – 10s Transition
  • Fragility Testing

Package Testing Standards:

  • International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)
  • EIA, ISO and IEC
  • ASTM 999
  • ASTM D4169
  • Mil Spec 810G

Quest’s Package Testing Equipment :

  • Truck Ride Simulator
  • Maximum Weight = 2,000 lbs
  • Maximum Size = 1.8 meters W by 1.8 meters L
  • Displacement of 1 inch (peak to peak)
  • Frequency range of 2 Hz to 5 Hz

Drop Tester:

  • Automated dropping ensures consistency
  • Max Height 48in
  • Max Weight 100lbs

Compression Tester:

  • Max Force 3,000 lbs
  • Compress and Hold or Compress and

Environmental Chambers:

  • 14 Chambers from 1ft3 to 1,188ft3
  • Temperatures -100 C – 200 C

Discounted rates for ISTA Testing:

  • Horizontal Impact Tester
  • Max Weight: 500lbs
  • Max Velocity: 10Mph


Please remember to contact Quest for any future testing needs you may have. In addition to Shipping Testing, Quest offers numerous testing services needed by engineering companies or manufacturers. These include Audio, Airflow, Altitude, burn-in, EMI, ESS, humidity, IPX Water Testing,  Mechanical Shock, Salt Spray Testing, Temperature, Thermal Shock, Transportation simulation (packaging testing), and Vibration.