Amazon and Walmart Testing

Quest Engineering Solutions is a leading provider of testing for Amazon and Walmart, specifically cold chain tests for their food products.

ISTA-6-Amazon Shipping Testing

ISTA-6-Amazon and Walmart Cold chain ship testing

Quest Engineering Solutions is a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), and is ISTA certified to perform all ISTA-6-Amazon tests. These tests are required for shipments using the primary package (Ships in own container/SIOC), for shipments using Frustration-Free Packaging, or for shipments that are over-boxed. The testing ensures that the shipping container design is sufficient to protect the contents during shipment.

Quest Engineering Solutions performs shipping tests for postal mail, UPS, FedEx and other shipping modes, for both Amazon and Walmart.  We perform shipping tests for ground, air sea, and rail shipments, and can test various shapes and sizes of boxes including elongated, small, and standard sized boxes.  We perform shipping tests on packages, pallets and crates and often test packaging containing pharmaceuticals, food, medical devices, electronics, and commercial products.  The tests can include vibration, drop shock, temperature, humidity and altitude, which simulate hazards that may be encountered during shipment. These specified as part of ISTA-6-Amazon Types A through H.

See our Shipping Simulations page for more information.

Walmart Cold Chain Testing

ISTA-6-Amazon and Walmart Cold chain testing to ensure safe and cold transport

Quest Engineering Solutions is an ISTA certified laboratory that specializes ISTA 7D testing. Quest Engineering Solutions is recommended by Walmart Marketplace as a third party provider of this service. This testing is required for all Walmart cold chain and food product shipments. The testing validates that the insulated shipper box design can sufficiently maintain the temperature threshold necessary to keep perishable products from spoiling during shipment. Though most shipments are overnighted, testing can be performed to account for shipment delays to ensure the insulated shippers can keep the perishable product cold for several days. This testing is required for sellers who require third party validation on their shipping methods in order to become approved to sell via Walmart Marketplace.

See our ISTA 7D Cold Chain Testing page for more information.

Please contact Quest Engineering Solutions for all of your ISTA-6-Amazon and Walmart Cold chain testing requirements.

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