Materials Testing (Tensile, Compression)

Medical Device Package Validation TestingMaterial Analysis Testing is used to identify the basic properties of materials. Determining strengths and weaknesses of a material aids in more effective and functional design and production of materials. Some basic material analyses include tensile and compression.

Tensile Testing: Tensile testing determines a product’s resistance to being pulled apart. Outward force is applied at each end of the material to generate tension.

Compression: Compression testing determines a product’s integrity when subjected to compacting. Inward force is applied at two points of the material to create compression.

Tensile and compression testing are also referred to as Pull/Push testing.

Common Materials Tests:

  • MIL STD 202
  • MIL STD 810
  • ASTM F88
  • ASTM D638
  • ASTM D882
  • ASTM D412
  • and more!

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