Airflow Testing

Airflow testing can help you optimize product cooling, while minimizing product size and noise.

Quest personnel perform airflow tests on prototype or fully functional products, using our airflow test chamber with a VFRR of 0 to 450 cfm.

Common Airflow Tests:

  • System Impedance Determination
  • Air Mover Characterization (fans and blowers)
  • Product Design Optimization for Reliability Enhancement

Common Airflow Measurements:

  • Air velocity measurements within your product
  • Airflow testing at varying air inlet temperatures
  • Infrared imaging of component temperatures while varying air velocity and inlet air temperature

Please remember to contact Quest for any future testing needs you may have. In addition to Airflow Testing, Quest offers numerous testing services needed by engineering companies or manufacturers. These include Audio, Altitude, burn-in, EMI, ESS, humidity, IPX Water Testing,  Mechanical Shock, Salt Spray Testing, Temperature, Thermal Shock, Transportation simulation (packaging testing), and Vibration.