Salt Spray/Salt Fog Testing

Interior of Quest’s salt spray chamber with two atomizing towers

Salt Spray, or salt fog testing, is a standardized test method used to compare the relative corrosion resistance of metal or coated metal test specimens when exposed to a corrosive saline/marine environment. This type of testing is used as a means to compare different materials, coatings, or finishes to determine relative corrosion resistance.

The test can also be used to accelerate the corrosion effects of metal specimens at a much faster rate than would be observed in the field. This is useful for gathering data on the long or short term effects of the test specimens.

The test consists of placing test specimens in a specialized test chamber equipped with spray towers, which constantly atomize a 5% salt solution onto the specimens over the course of the test.  Typical test durations can range from 24 to 96 hours, though in some cases test durations can exceed 1,000 hours for critical applications.

Quest Engineering Solutions is equipped with a fully functional salt spray chamber with internal dimensions of approximately 47″ x 32″ x 24″.

Common Salt Spray/Salt Fog Tests:

    • ASTM B117
    • MIL-STD-202
    • MIL-STD-810
    • MIL-STD-883
    • ANSI/SCTE 143
    • and more!

Quest has experience with testing for the following industries:

    • Military
    • Medical
    • Commercial
    • Aerospace
    • And more!

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