Quest’s history is a large part of what makes our testing services so unique. Over 25 years in the business of quality testing services has given us unique insight into our customers’ needs.

In the 1970’s and 80’s we were part of the Honeywell computer business in Massachusetts.

In 1990, we started providing testing services to outside companies. The services were provided under the trademarked name Quest Engineering Solutions.

In 1995, we incorporated as an independent company and changed our name to Quest Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Over the decades, Quest has made, and continues to make, numerous enhancements to its service offerings and to build a very broad and satisfied customer base from a wide range of industries.

Quest continues to be an engineering services company, specializing in mechanical and thermal testing services and related consulting services. Quest offers numerous testing services needed by engineering companies or manufacturers. These include airflow, altitude, audio, burn-in, ESS, humidity, mechanical shock, temperature, thermal shock, transportation simulation (packaging testing), and vibration.

Our Services Include:

* Accelerated Aging * Airflow * Altitude * Audio * EMI * ESS, HALT, & HASS * IP * Materials Testing * Medical Packaging Testing * Salt Spray * Temperature and Humidity * Thermal Shock * Transportation Simulation (packaging testing) * Vibration & Shock *