Equipment Rental & Sales

Quest is in the testing business, but we often get requests from customers seeking to rent, lease or purchase chambers, shakers or other test equipment to be used at the customer’s premises.  In order to help meet our customer’s needs, we also offer flexible options which include lease, rental or purchase of test equipment from Quest.

The picture above shows a temperature chamber that has been in use at Quest for many years.  Like all Quest chambers, it can be “rented” (reserved for your use only) for testing performed at Quest. However, it is not for sale, lease or rent for use on your premises at the present time.  

For the remaining discussion on this page, lease or rental means use of the chamber on your premises.

The chambers and other test equipment that we are leasing or renting will usually be brand new, straight from the manufacturer.

A typical scenario is that you want a temperature chamber on your premises, but are not sure that you want to purchase it.  The manufacturer may not offer leasing at all, or their monthly lease price is set very high in order to encourage purchase over leasing.  You would like to rent a chamber on a month-to-month basis for a few months.  In this example, Quest could purchase the chamber from the manufacturer, retain ownership, but have it delivered directly to your facility.  You could be responsible for all shipping, installation costs, training, maintenance, and operation of the chamber on your premises, and any other associated expenses, or these items can be included in the services offered by Quest.  If you continue to rent for a sufficient period of time, typically one year, you would take ownership of the chamber.

In the above example, if you return the chamber to Quest rather than purchase it, it would then be placed in operation at Quest and used by Quest to provide testing services to others.

Another example could be that you want to do testing in-house but want to get off to a quick start before your new chamber can be delivered.  Testing could begin immediately at Quest and then move to in-house testing at your facility after your new chamber is installed.  If you want, Quest personnel could perform the first couple tests at your facility to check out your new equipment and train your personnel.

A 3rd (and final) example is that you need to run thermal tests for 3 months, but the test samples need to be inspected by your staff daily using test equipment located at your facility.  If the need were for a longer duration, buying a test chamber might be best.  But you don’t need the chamber after 3 months and don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a chamber and then selling it 3 months later, or having a rarely used chamber take up space indefinitely at your facility.

Quest has no partnership or sales representative relationship with any chamber manufacturer.  We have no incentive to recommend a particular chamber manufacturer, nor do we do so.

Quest is not in the equipment financing business.  We are simply a test lab that is happy to work with you to best meet your needs, even if the best solution for you involves doing testing yourself at your facility.  If the best solution for you is that Quest purchases a chamber and then rents it to you on a month-to-month basis, or for a fixed term lease, then that is what we’ll do.

We can tailor an agreement that best meets your needs.  While performing test services at Quest is what we primarily do, and have done for 3 decades, we are now also in the business of helping you to do testing at your premises.

As noted above, the chambers and other test equipment that we are leasing or renting will usually be brand new, straight from the manufacturer.  However, we do have used equipment available for lease or rental. 

If you want to rent or lease a new chamber, talk directly with the manufacturer or their sales representative.  Then, feel free to contact Quest to see if we can purchase that chamber and lease or rent it to you.

We can help you compare the costs/benefits of chamber rental, lease or purchase versus having us do the testing for you at Quest.  Factors to consider for testing at your premises include shipping costs, installation costs, electric bills, space requirements, noise, heat (and associated increased summer air conditioning needs), staffing, training, maintenance, certification and calibration.