Infrared Camera Testing

Quest Engineering Solutions provides infrared camera testing services.

Infrared cameras are the fastest way of collecting temperature data and isolating “hot spots”. Our test equipment is portable and can be set up in any test area. It also has battery power for operation at remote locations.

The typical tests we perform are thermal profiles of a printed circuit board and power supplies.

Test results are available as color thermal plots, electronically, on CD, and on DVD.

Infrared camera testing is just one of the many services available at Quest.

Please remember to contact Quest for any future testing needs you may have. In addition to Infrared Camera Testing, Quest offers numerous testing services needed by engineering companies or manufacturers. These include Audio, Airflow, Altitude, burn-in, EMI, ESS, humidity, IPX Water Testing,  Mechanical Shock, Salt Spray Testing, Temperature, Thermal Shock, Transportation simulation (packaging testing), and Vibration.