Audio Testing

Quest uses its hemi-anechoic test chamber to perform a full range of acoustic tests, including:

  • Sound Pressure
  • Sound Power

Sound Power testing is required in many international standards. Quest also offers a variety of additional acoustic tests and the design experience to help you develop quieter products for your customers. Our chamber is able to cancel out all outside noises, as well, with its free floating floor boards.

Acoustic Test Standards:

  • ISO 7779
  • ANSI S12.10

Air Mover Test Standards:

  • ANSI S12.11
  • ISO 10302

Common Products for Acoustic Testing:

  • Personal Computers
  • Disk Drives
  • Low Noise Optical Devices and Medical Devices
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Alarms (to verify minimum loudness requirement)

Please remember to contact Quest for any future testing needs you may have. In addition to Audio Testing, Quest offers numerous testing services needed by engineering companies or manufacturers. These include Airflow, Altitude, burn-in, EMI, ESS, humidity, IPX Water Testing,  Mechanical Shock, Salt Spray Testing, Temperature, Thermal Shock, Transportation simulation (packaging testing), and Vibration.