Analysis and Simulation

Quest provides analysis and simulation services as stand-alone activities or as an integral part of an analysis, simulation and physical testing program.

Finite Element Analysis, or FEA, is a method of mathematical modeling that can be used to simulate real-world physical phenomena.  Similarly, computational fluid dynamics, or CFD analysis, is a method of modeling used to model the behavior of fluids.

These finite element analysis based services can complement all types of mechanical, thermal, airflow, acoustic and other Quest test services by allowing the modeled simulation to be compared against actual testing results.

Common reasons for performing analysis and simulation include:

  • The physical prototype does not yet exist.
  • The long time frame to perform the actual test is not available.
  • The cost of physical testing is high.
  • The test severity level is impractical to achieve.
  • It is difficult to perform the testing in a safe manner.
  • Analysis can help determine the cause of a test failure and simulate possible solutions.
  • Analysis can help optimize or cost-reduce a design

However, in the end, physical testing is more reliable and definitive than analysis and simulation

Quest is presently auditioning new partners providing analysis and simulation services.  Please contact us if you are an established provider of finite element analysis based services and you want to be considered as a Quest partner.