Analysis and Simulation

Using a combination of classic methods and advanced CAE applications, our Analysis Simulation lab performs many types of analysis for our clients.  The following types of software analysis have the benefit of analyzing the integrity of a material by simulating physical stress caused by shock, vibration, friction, and much more; without actually testing a physical product.

Structural Analysis

  • For Linear and Non-linear materials
  • Fatigue Life prediction for Shock and Vibration, and more.
  • Contact and Friction
  • Buckling and Post Buckling
  • Stress and deflection
  • Motion, Kinematics and Rigid body Dynamics
  • Flexible Body Dynamics

Shock & Vibration Structural Analysis

  • Direct and Transient and Modal Response Analysis/Simulation
  • SRS (Shock Response Spectrum) & DDAM Analysis/Simulation
  • Random, Sine, and Sine-on-Random Analysis/Simulation
  • Natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Vibro-Acoustics

Thermal Analysis

  • High Cycle Fatigue Analysis
  • Solder Joint Reliability Analysis
  • Orbital Heating
  • Albedo
  • Thermal stress and deflection
  • Conduction, Convection, Scattering, Diffraction, and Radiation

Aerodynamics and Fluid Analysis

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – External Aerodynamics & FSI
  • Flight Performance
  • Cavitation
  • Aero-Acoustics
  • Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Thermo-fluid analysis and electronics cooling